EQ Series Transformer Bobbin

Model:EQ Transformer Bobbin


Pin Material: CP wire

Certificate:ROHS/HF UL94V-0

Matched Ferrite Provided

EQ Series Transformer Bobbins

Fecobo is a leading manufacturer for transformer bobbins in China with 22 years experience.

Fecobo has more than one thousand molds with full range transformer bobbins available

Fecobo provide free samples for each client.

Fecobo accept custom made service with a professional engineer team.

Model Include

EQ18.8 SMD  EQ-25121  EQ3813(4+4P)
EQ3402  EQ-2814 vertical(6+6P)
EQ2713 vertical4+4P)  EQ1902
EQ-40 vertical(6P) EQ-38(6+6P)
EQ-38(6+5P)  EQ-34 BASE(4P)
EQ-33 BASE(2+2P)  EQ-32(6+5P)
EQ-30(5+5P)  EQ-27(5P)  EQ-26 vertical (6+7P)
EQ-26 vertical(6+5P)  EQ-26 vertical(2+3P)
EQ-25 vertical(8+8+2P)  EQ-25 vertical(5P)
EQ25 vertical(5+5P)  EQ-25 vertical(5+4P)
EQ-20 vertical (6+6P)

Fecobo produce various models of EQ series transformer bobbin. Please contact our sales teams for the drawing of the model you are searching for.

EQ34 Transformer Bobbin (5Pin) F-3421

EQ32 Transformer Bobbin (3+3Pin ) Horizontal F-3262

EQ30 Vertical Single Section Transformer Bobbin (6+6P) F-3042

EQ30 Transformer Bobbin (6+6Pin) F-3041

EQ30 (5Pin) Transformer Bobbin F-3044

EQ30 (4Pin) Transformer Bobbin F-3043

EQ27 (4Pin) Transformer Bobbin F-2721

EQ24 Transformer Bobbin (6+4Pin ) Vertical Single Section

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